Preliminary program

The following contributions have been accepted for presentation at WATERS.

Regular presentations

  •  MECHAniSer – A Timing Analysis and Synthesis Tool for Multi-Rate Effect Chains with Job-Level Dependencies
    Matthias Becker, Dakshina Dasari, Saad Mubeen, Moris Behnam and Thomas Nolte
  • Evaluation of Mixed-Criticality Scheduling Algorithms using a Fair Taskset Generator
    Saravanan Ramanathan and Arvind Easwaran
  • Dynamic criticality management with ARTEMIS
    Olivier Cros, Geoffrey Ehrmann and Laurent George
  • Code Generation of Time Critical Synchronous Programs on the Kalray MPPA Many-Core architecture
    Amaury Graillat 
  • A Simulation Framework to Analyze the Scheduling of AVR tasks with respect to Engine Performance
    Paolo Pazzaglia, Alessandro Biondi, Giorgio Buttazzo and Marco Di Natale
  • NTGEN: a Network-on-Chip Traffic Generator toolkit for latency analysis
    Ermis Papastefanakis, Laurent George, Xiaoting Li and Ken Defossez
  • Model Interpretation for an AUTOSAR compliant Engine Control Function
    Sakthivel Manikandan Sundharam, Sebastian Altmeyer and Nicolas Navet

FMTV verification challenge solutions

  • Calculating Latencies in an Engine Management System Using Response Time Analysis with MAST
    Juan M Rivas, J. Javier Gutiérrez, Julio Medina and Michael González Harbour
  • A Novel Analytical Technique for Timing Analysis of FMTV 2016 Verification Challenge Benchmark
    Junchul Choi, Donghyun Kang and Soonhoi Ha
  • FMTV 2016: Where is the Actual Challenge?
    Alessio Balsini, Alessandra Melani, Pasquale Buonocunto and Marco Di Natale
  • Computational Analysis of Complex Real-Time Systems – FMTV 2016 Verification Challenge
    Ingo Stierand, Philipp Reinkemeier, Sebastian Gerwinn and Thomas Peikenkamp
  • Schedulability and Timing Analysis of Mixed Preemptive-Cooperative Tasks on a Partitioned Multi-Core System
    Ignacio Sanudo, Paolo Burgio and Marko Bertogna 

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