The objective of the WATERS workshop series is to discuss and give visibility to tools, best practices and methodologies intended for the assessment and validation of software and system architecture and design intents in all areas of embedded and real-time computing systems. The scope of the workshop ranges from formal or algorithmic analysis-based methods to simulation and trace-based profiling, as well as from high-level architectures or design models to concrete implementations.

Much like any other endeavor disciplined by the scientific method, research in the workshop themes requires reproducibility for the adoption of techniques and the comparison of results claimed by proponents. WATERS offers the community of researchers and industrial practitioners an open space for presenting novel results, sharing best practices, and providing feedback on tools, frameworks, reusable data sets, code artifacts, behavioral models developed in research initiatives. Realistic industrial use cases are especially welcome, in that they can constitute common metrics, and in the longer run, possibly benchmarks, for evaluating experimental results obtained in research efforts across industry and academia.

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